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Vampire Facial® Sacramento

Vampire Facial® Combination Collagen Induction Therapy and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

There is nothing scary about a Vampire Facial®. This term is simply the trademarked combination treatment utilizing Microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy), and the application of PRP (also known as platelet rich plasma). The PRP is the golden plasma portion of blood. This is obtained by drawing a patient's own blood (thus the "Vampire" term) and spinning it in a centrifuge to separate out the components.

Our body has the innate ability to heal and stimulate cell regeneration in the setting of certain triggers. Collagen induction therapy refers to a variety of treatments that trigger our body’s natural healing response. With Microneedling, tiny needles are used to create micro-channels in the skin and essentially “trick” the body into thinking it is been damaged. When the body senses this “damage” it sets off a cascade of events to up-regulate the speed of cell regeneration and heal the “damaged” tissue. In the skin, this results in amplified production of collagen, and creation of healthier tissues with improved vascular flow, and structural integrity.

At Angell Medical Spa, we carefully choose our products and services to ensure that we offer only those that provide outstanding results for our patients. We are proud to offer the Vivace® RF Microneedling device. This device outperforms others in the industry by delivering consistent, precise deployment of 36 gold plated needles, along with Radiofrequency, and LED light therapy. This method does not truly “damage” tissues, but rather results in a more robust trigger of the body’s healing response.

Vivace® outperforms other Microneedling

  • Precise regulation of the depth of the needle penetration: targeting the most receptive cell layers within the skin.
  • RadioFrequency transmitted along the needles: a proven method to induce collagen and elastin production, and cell regeneration, resulting in firmer, tighter, and healthier skin.
  • LED light therapy built into the design of the hand-piece: Red light is used to induce collagen production, Blue light is used to minimize the bacteria that causes acne.

Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, refers to the portion of the plasma that contains the most beneficial skin healing, collagen inducing factors. With a Vampire Facial®, the patient’s blood is drawn and then placed into a centrifuge, a machine that spins blood rapidly in order to separate out a golden fluid that contains Platelets, rich in growth factors. This fluid is applied to the skin following Microneedling and vigorously massaged in to penetrate into the micro-channels and stimulate cell regeneration and collagen production. We use the Selphyl System for PFRM.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this procedure painful?
    • Most patients have very minimal discomfort. A numbing cream is applied one hour prior to the procedure. For those with low pain threshold, a medication may be prescribed to make the procedure more comfortable.
  • What will my face look like afterwards?
    • This is considered a minimal to no-downtime procedure. Patients who flush more easily may have some redness to the face after the procedure. In the viral photo of Kim Kardashian following a Vampire Facial® you can see multiple tiny spots of blood over the face. With our technique and the use of Vivace®, you do not have a “bloody” looking face.
  • Can I go to work after the procedure?
    • Yes, this is a very well tolerated procedure. With almost no exceptions, patients can go back to work even the same day.
  • Can I get an infection from this procedure?
    • This procedure is just like any other that you would receive from a medical provider where they are drawing or handling bodily fluids of any type. All of our providers are highly trained in general, and specifically, in the proper handling of blood. There is no chance with our careful procedures of cross-contamination. Your own blood is drawn and you only come in contact with your own blood. With any type of skin break or puncture, infection is possible, but is extremely unlikely with highly trained medical professionals.

*results may vary