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Touch MD

Touch MD

Premier Asthetic Software

Angell Medical Spa uses Toch MD the top-of-the line software for mapping out the best treatment options for you in a vizual shareable format

Touch MD has a library of videos that allows you to explore custom content that is tailored to your treatment interest so you can understand treatment options and procedures fully.

During our consultation we will take high resolution images of you and seamlessly upload them to your TouchMD secure profile.

TouchMD allows us to illustrate treatment benefits directly on your photos so you can visualize your results. After your consultation you log into your TouchMD account on your home computer and share your consultation with your loved ones.

TouchMD is an fantastic system and Angell Medical Spa spares no expense in giving you the best possible experience while under our care.

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Works on Desktops, Tablets and Mobile devices


An easy to navigate touch interface allows you to view topic driven educational information about a particular service or procedure.

Educational Resources

We have educational videos available about procedures and treatments. Allow you to explore options and read up on treatment procedures

Advanced Drawing

TouchMD allow our technicians to draw on full quality images and save them right to your gallery.

Review at Home

The TouchMD Patient Portal is a secure website that allows you to view topic videos, services, galleries and personalized images. You can log in using your home computer to review your consultation with loved ones.