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Brow Lift

Brow Lift Sacramento with Botox® or Dysport®

Do your eyebrows droop or sag, making you look more tired than you actually are? If so, Botox brow lift may be the treatment for you. A highly arched brow is a common sign of youth and alertness. The position of the brow is balanced by an upward and downward pull of multiple muscles. As we age, muscle movements may cause our eyebrows to droop. Injection of neuromodulators to the orbicularis oculi muscles near the side of the eyebrow will relax them. As a result, the muscles that cause an upward pull of the forehead (Frontalis muscle) will no longer have opposition, effectively lifting and contouring the eyebrow.

Results to expect from a Brow lift:

  • Overall more youthful and refreshed look
  • Subtle lift, not a ‘surprised look.’
  • Non-invasive procedure.
  • Tiny pinch is all the discomfort to excpet.
  • Can be adjusted and refined over time as you age.


Prior to Botox® treatment, we evaluate your anatomy and movement with you relaxed and then making facial expressions, raising your brows, smiling, frowning, squeezing eyes shut, etc. We will determine the proper location and dose for the injections. We offer complimentary consultations to answer all of your questions and determine the best treatment for you.

Many patients, both young and old, have excessive upper eye tissue with a hooded lid. Even with expert placement of neuromodulator, this problem can inadequately be treated, or worsened with treatment. While not everyone is a surgical candidate or would be interested in this option, we always have your best interest at heart and will refer you to a specialist to consider surgical intervention if this should be a consideration.


During your exam, we will determine the specific placement of injections to achieve the best results for your facial features. Depending on your anatomy, this may include injections around the eyes, crow's feet, and possibly to the forehead or glabella.

Injections may feel like a tiny pinch, but are not considered painful.

The injections take about 2 minutes to perform.


There is no recovery time. You may have tiny red bumps, like a mosquito bite. This generally goes away within minutes. Rarely, a small bruise may occur.

We recommend not lying down, exercising or touching the treated area for 4 hours after the injections.


Results from Botox® injections come on gradually and usually are apparent in 3-4 days with maximum effect in 7-14 days. Dysport® takes effect within 1-3 days and reaches full effect within 7 days.

Botox® and Dysport® both last on average 3-4 months, so to maintain results, you will need to come in for touch-ups a few times a year.

Rarely, the injections can produce an overtreatment or an uneven appearance. It is important to choose an injector carefully to limit the risks of this.

With Botox® correction, your brows should be lifted and open the eye area, resulting in a brighter, more youthful look.

*results may vary